March 22, 2010

To do or not to do the right thing…

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It was just another Monday morning.  I woke up, got dressed, took the dog for a walk and on my way back decided to run into CVS to grab a couple of things.  While I am there minding my own business I happen to notice this guy placing things into a brown paper sack.  With the push to recycle and reuse, bringing your own bag is becoming more and more common these days, so at first I thought nothing of it.

As I came down the isle he quickly stood up straight and remained standing at the end corner of another isle directly across from me, just out of sight of the cashier.  He stood there very still until I walked passed and then quickly, with his head held high, walked straight out the door.

I am now pretty sure that I just witnessed someone shoplifting.  So in my head I am contemplating my options.  Do I let him go, because after all he looked like he could be poor or homeless, and he was not down an isle with big ticket items, or do I do what my conscience and gut are telling me to do and report it.

Seconds were passing and I can see him getting further and further from the store, but he is still in sight.  I walk towards the register and notice the manager at the end of the counter.  I quickly walk over to her and hesitantly explain to her that I think that guy, as I point towards the figure passing by the window, just stole something.  She must have misunderstood and quickly walked to the area where I just had been and looked around, and then came back and from behind the counter mouthed that “he must have took off”, and then walked away.  The whole thing was rather confusing.

So now it comes down to whether or not I did the right thing, and if it was worth it.  I am sure that most people would have done what I did, but since he had already left, was there really any reason to turn him in?


March 3, 2010

Hello world!

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Originally I thought I should retitle this first blog post, seeing how Hello World seems like too much of a Cliche, not to mention that as soon as I read it I start hearing Belle Perez belting out “Hello World, this is me, life should be fun for everyone”, which when you think about those lyrics, it is true, life should be fun for everyone.  But for so many it too often truly is not fun.  In fact sometimes in life there just seems to not be enough time for fun.  Life is a lot of things; it’s too short, too long, too painful, too boring, too stressful, and the list of what it is goes on forever.  But rarely do we find ourselves saying, “You know, life is too much fun” or “life is just too exciting!”, unless of course we are being sarcastic, but that is a whole other discussion.

I have found in life that if I am having too much fun then not much else is getting done, but when I am busy getting things done I do not seem to have enough time to have fun.  So how can I find balance between the both.  How do we balance work, school, relationships, personal time, the gym and everything else that we may have in our lives.  I often find myself saying that I am just spread too thin.  So how do we find the time, or make the time to do all those things that we want to do, while still managing to squeeze a few hours of sleep in there?

I think you do it by prioritizing and setting a schedule, but schedules do not always make for the most “fun” experiences!  When and where does that shift in consciousness occur where you go from feeling stressed by all the things to get done, and feeling happy about all the things you are doing?  Can we really do 500 things in a day and still feel happy and not utterly exhausted? I hope to find the answer to this one of these days.  Until then I have to make lists to keep track of everything that needs to get done, including going to the gym, making dinner, walking the dog, etc.